The story of Karen, Care Assistant at Regent Residential Care Home

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Karen Turner

For Karen, working as a care assistant for Sanctuary Care is something that’s very close to her heart.

She sadly lost her father, who lived with dementia in 2011 and that experience had a profound impact both on her life and her choice of career.

Karen said: “After dad had passed away, it was clear to me that everyone should be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Although I was devastated to lose him, I believe his death led me to what I was meant to do.”

Karen’s day-to-day work as a care assistant based at Regent Residential Care Home in Worcester includes supporting residents, especially during activity sessions and assisting residents who need help with meals.

She has also achieved several qualifications, including an NVQ level 3, as well as being involved with the promotion of kradle, Sanctuary Care’s own electronic care planning app.

It’s important to Karen that not only are her residents content, but also their family. She explains: “Both our residents and their families need to be happy with the care and communication that they receive.

“The best part of my job is making a difference to residents and families alike; if I can leave my shift having made just one person smile I go home happy.”

There’s one more motivation for Karen. She says: “I hope what I’m doing would make my dad proud.”

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