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Sanctuary Care on social

Vicky Cruxton has been at Breme Residential Care Home in for 15 years, rising from care assistant to home manager. Here, she tells about her role: https://t.co/7m5FIb8zq9 https://t.co/SfUcnXB2ld
We are really proud to offer holistic support in all of our care homes. This piece from the describes how we aim to boost the of our residents: https://t.co/BX96J2lUgY https://t.co/Oo2xqWhVDy
Our residents and staff from Don Thomson care home in really enjoyed chatting with friends over coffee and cake as part of their new ‘Friendship Fridays’ service https://t.co/XyIXiHFfPD https://t.co/P0EdZIT4io
It’s the end of and we want to say a thank you to all our apprentices who are dedicated to enriching the lives of our residents and staff, while progressing their careers with us. https://t.co/U8xLREfDom https://t.co/bTpycwFjDD
To celebrate Sam shares his story. He felt the academic setting just wasn’t right for him and he tells us how he is reaching his career potential with an with Sanctuary Care: https://t.co/u3FbSd7ODe https://t.co/kbg0OuFfaf
Abbie is one step closer to her dream job as a thanks to her with us and studying at . She has shared her story for https://t.co/QgKeVoHqKq https://t.co/0XT7mP5bXg
Abbie never thought she would be enriching lives throughout her – but here she is, doing just that. Abbie’s shared her story: https://t.co/syRg2Ew6Ac https://t.co/ooHc6cBpcg
💬 “Learning new things is not only beneficial to your career but is also very enjoyable” shared Zoe Blakeway, who is completing an as a Hospitality Supervisor with Sanctuary Care. https://t.co/kGEbGe6wyu
💬 “Learning new things is not only beneficial to your career but is also very enjoyable” shared Zoe Blakeway, who is completing an in Hospitality Supervisor with Sanctuary Care. https://t.co/FpFTW4yMoc
There are so many amazing that you probably don't know about… like a Senior Production Chef. Nick loves his job as a chef and is embracing a bright future thanks to the fantastic training we offer! https://t.co/mrUZOIe6Ig
Jenalyn at Iffley Residential and Nursing Home in Oxfordshire is furthering her career in the thanks to her in Assistant Practitioner. Enhancing knowledge and skills everyday with Sanctuary Care. https://t.co/jcuOWet1ae
We're really proud of our Billy - he's a student nursing associate at our care home and is set to between care and nursing roles: https://t.co/Se8djb9sDI https://t.co/y2Wm9wgxen

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