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Tonight we will unite once again to at 8pm 👏 to say in recognition of the amazing staff we have looking after our wonderful residents # Covid19UK https://t.co/980huUP0jG
We are celebrating the amazing staff and their dedication to . Meet Lisa, who works at Bartley Green Lodge Residential Care Home in , for whom care is a natural calling.❤️ Read more: https://t.co/WNj87lwyky https://t.co/xqkjIlmXYm
Thank you to from the team at Forest Dene Residential Care Home in for filling our bellies with this delicious meal, with a note to our “Angels.” Amazing community kindness. https://t.co/ThsYpp0Z8p
In celebration of our amazing staff, read why and creating meaningful moments mean so much to Fiona at Brambles Residential Care Home in ❤️ link: https://t.co/dMhxoTs444 https://t.co/3QmkxgSwfX
Thank you to all our teams for supporting one another, showing , breaking the stigma and for continuing to enrich lives. You are amazing! ❤️ https://t.co/BSNUy76z4A
A simple act of has made a big difference to the lives of our residents and their loved ones in time for : https://t.co/Tg9yVCx8VH ❤️❤️ https://t.co/LUOQSTRK9E
We will be clapping loud and proud tonight for the amazing staff in our homes and other with 👏 https://t.co/XUdJ0Aw6jH
Even the pets of our staff are getting in on the action. We will be clapping loud and proud tonight for the amazing staff in our homes and other key workers with 👏 https://t.co/L7oro7REVR
Social distancing has changed the way our central support teams are working and Sophie has shared how our tips and support has helped her to manage her own and her family’s at this time: https://t.co/NXl6LEZ7ZP https://t.co/g990xIgQMX
Hi Callum, we can understand how upsetting this is for you and your family, but we can assure you we are providing the best possible care for your Gran. ❤️ Take care.

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Update from Sarah Clarke-Kuehn (Financial reassurance) – Group Director Sanctuary Care 20 May 2020

Update from Sarah Clarke-Kuehn – Group Director Sanctuary Care 12 May 2020

Update from Sarah Clarke-Kuehn (Testing) – Group Director Sanctuary Care 7 May 2020

Update from Sarah Clarke-Kuehn (PPE) – Group Director Sanctuary Care 30 April 2020

Update from Sarah Clarke-Kuehn (Food) – Group Director Sanctuary Care 27 April 2020

Update from Sarah Clarke-Kuehn (Visits and PPE) – Group Director Sanctuary Care 15 April 2020

At Sanctuary Care our number one priority is to keep our residents, their relatives and our staff safe.

With the increasing number of reported cases of Coronavirus in the UK, we have taken the difficult decision to minimise all non-essential visits to our residential and nursing homes until further notice. These include routine visits from loved ones and friends, entertainers, hairdressers, volunteers, work experience students and school parties.

We have not taken this decision lightly and understand this will be upsetting for relatives who want to visit loved ones. We do feel this is the best way to keep our residents safe and is one of many proactive, preventative measures we are taking to stop this infection getting into our homes.

We do hope you understand why we are taking these precautions. Please don’t hesitate to call if you would like to speak to us directly if you have any questions or concerns.

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