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Sanctuary Care on social

Our residents and team at Lime Tree Court have been raising a cuppa and eating plenty of sweet treats 🍰 at their to support an amazing cause 👏 https://t.co/EoHvUW0nRE
At Guy’s Court in we are - and that means helping our residents to do the things that matter to them. Meet Jean, who proudly presents her certificates after joining us for internal staff training. 👏❤️👏 https://t.co/6dvChk7CEZ
A throwback to remind you of some of the amazing staff working in our homes, like Raycel who explains her passion for and why she loves working at The Rosary Nursing Home in . ❤️ Read more: https://t.co/DrQO3Dkk9F https://t.co/o5bX7ryAay
We are growing our own at The Laurels Residential and Nursing Home in , from delicious soft fruits 🍓to aromatic herbs, our residents love tasting their produce. https://t.co/HGOfDwGwD8
Congratulations to Adefolake, one of our amazing nurses who has been shortlisted as an Overseas Nurse of the Year finalist in the Workforce Awards.👏🎉👏 Read her story: https://t.co/n58gMSzQoC https://t.co/AxeuqT6SCj
We love the community spirit shown to our residents at Westmead Residential Care Home in , . Jane loved receiving these beautiful flowers 💐courtesy of Himbleton Church, somewhere close to her heart. ❤️ https://t.co/5uM4cAysn5
RT : Imagine winning an award for making people happier ❤️ amazing! The team at Nunthorpe Oak Care Home have done just t… https://t.co/PCImwylBPE
RT : Boarding passes in hand passengers of Furzehatt Road cruise-liner are enjoying a virtual holiday o… https://t.co/nV5odVIESh
We are so pleased you loved your message and you still feel connected with your father at this time. Thanks so much for sharing ❤️
Just one example of how we enrich lives ❤️ https://t.co/fZFCO1brEk
RT : Tony moved to home during -19 “The staff really helped me to settle in, they were very friendly and caring. They popped in regularly to see me…and to pour me a brandy at the end of the day!” https://t.co/OmuC35pHWV
What a beautiful sight - this magnificent creature is the latest addition to our family at Hastings Residential Care Home in . Meet our very own Sparrow Hawk, nesting right here in the gardens. https://t.co/z3XifdXMwA

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New residents can either self-isolate in their own home before coming to the care home, or join us and then self-isolate*.

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Update from Sarah Clarke-Kuehn (Adult Social Care Winter Plan) – Group Director Sanctuary Care 21 September 2020

Update from Sarah Clarke-Kuehn (Visiting) – Group Director Sanctuary Care 14 September 2020

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