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Check out 70-year-old Clive from our liner in , who has excitedly worked out the distances for the destinations of all his virtual voyages over the next 2 months 🌏 Read more: https://t.co/oWWhgpvbKg https://t.co/P0VNob5sCy
A few heartfelt messages to say to the team at our Willow Gardens Residential and Nursing Home in for . ❤️ https://t.co/e852ksFUIk
Residents at Park Lodge Care Home in , Aberdeenshire got a surprise recently when they were sat in the garden and Marshall, the dog from made an unexpected appearance. 🐾 https://t.co/EK7RumyInd
We are pleased to offer two self isolation options for people wishing to enjoy a short or long-term stay in our care homes. Here our Group Director – Care, Sarah Clarke-Kuehn explains: https://t.co/RlRTA41xAc https://t.co/zqdnrGg3ge
⚓ Our is more than just a care home activity - it’s all about coming together and discovering something new and reconnecting memories, while enjoying the cocktail bar! Find out more why our crew love it: https://t.co/yvbV9dORQj https://t.co/fVz4Y1mjm3
Feeling the . 💐 Thank you to in - our residents at Westmead Residential Care Home loved making these stunning arrangements with the flowers you donated and the team loved their treats too! https://t.co/Wotr6BaEJG
Our virtual is now docked in Lisbon, and passengers including Elizabeth are enjoying fabulous excursions which are proving to bring back wonderful memories. 🚤 Find out more: https://t.co/XEiGHca1iH https://t.co/kXwJGI6Id8
A magical moment to cherish at Ashwood Park in . Our wonderful resident Jimmy enjoys a much anticipated socially-distanced pre-booked garden visit from loved ones ❤️ including daughter Barbara’s beloved dog Lottie. 🐾 https://t.co/lDoivHZEEN
It’s our first ‘Day at Sea’ for our while we get set to dock in Portugal tomorrow. But what a week we’ve had so far – here are just some of our holiday snaps... https://t.co/MG6uEkOmSV
Happy Birthday Betty – who has just turned 100 and has the amazingly positive motto of “life is for living, live your life as if it's your last day.” 🎂 Read her story here: https://t.co/kRobsPLUXE https://t.co/AMSuOhT8cS
Meet Ray, our first class passenger from Wantage, who has double the reason to celebrate with a virtual holiday of a lifetime 🚤 find out why: https://t.co/9PeOMBnEkd https://t.co/ytfUBUY9aN
Staying connected with loved ones, around-the-clock high quality care and her trusty Scottish attitude was all what 85-year-old Lila needed to combat . 👏Read her story: https://t.co/Lewnw33fBp https://t.co/WuXbqzKPIk

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New residents can either self-isolate in their own home before coming to the care home, or join us and then self-isolate*.

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Update from Sarah Clarke-Kuehn (Weekly testing) – Group Director Sanctuary Care 10 July 2020

Update from Sarah Clarke-Kuehn (Customer reassurance) – Group Director Sanctuary Care 26 June 2020

Update from Sarah Clarke-Kuehn (Self-isolation) – Group Director Sanctuary Care 16 June 2020

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