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Acoustic monitoring: investing in innovative technology

The exciting installation of this system in one of our care homes will allow us to check our residents who have consented to taking part in the trial using acoustic monitoring, reducing physical night checks, to see what practical and operational benefits the residents and staff experience.

Elderly care technology – how does acoustic monitoring work?

CLB Monitoring based in the Netherlands are experts in acoustic monitoring technology for use in adult social care.

Acoustic monitoring provides residential, dementia and nursing home technology using an assistive monitoring system where a sound detecting device non-obtrusively listens to sleeping residents and triggers an alert for staff to respond as required, when sound exceeds or falls below an individual’s set noise level.

The benefits of assistive technology in care homes

Acoustic monitoring has proved successful in other care homes, reducing resident falls by 36% due to a continual monitoring of residents, enabling staff to attend to in need of assistance faster. There have also been recorded improvements to residents’ well-being due to their sleep not being disturbed, as typically care home staff would have to check most residents’ rooms every two hours during the night. This obviously brings light into the room, potentially waking them up which can cause confusion, particularly for those living with dementia, who may already be prone to frequent sleep disturbance.

For those residents who may be awake during part of the night, the system frees up staff time so they can dedicate more quality time to these residents.

Sanctuary Care’s Programme Manager, Jemma Robinson said: “This is an exciting trial which we hope will have great results for both residents and staff. Those who are already using the technology have seen amazing benefits from acoustic monitoring, enabling staff to swiftly respond to an individual’s sensor triggers, promoting better sleep.”

In November 2018 the Care Quality Commission (CQC) launched an online resource highlighting how innovative use of technology can help care homes to meet the five outcomes it focuses on during its inspections, which are safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led. Many of the innovative technologies Sanctuary Care is embracing in its homes highlight our on-going commitment to meeting these outcomes.


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