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Dementia care

The teams in our care homes pride themselves on enriching their residents’ lives, delivering dementia care with compassion and dignity.

Enriching lives through dementia care

Many of our residents may have previously been cared for at home by a loved one. We understand how hard it can be to support someone through their dementia journey alone before they move into a care home. Our staff are therefore here to not only provide excellent dementia care, but to help our residents’ relatives when it comes to understanding dementia.

Our dementia care homes encourage and support our residents’ families to be part of their dementia journey. Relatives are welcome to visit whenever they like and we support them to be part of life in our care homes. They are often seen joining in with afternoon tea or taking part in activities with us. Sometimes relatives volunteer in the care homes, helping them to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Meaningful activities for people living with dementia

Sanctuary Care’s teams pride themselves on seeing a person beyond their journey, finding those details about their life history which make them truly individual. We believe in enriching lives by providing meaningful activities for people with dementia. These include reminiscence therapy as well as sensory activities for adults with dementia.

Many care teams work closely with organisations such as the Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia Action Alliance. They form links which benefit our residents, their loved ones and also people in the local community. We believe in supporting people when it comes to the dementia journey of a loved one. Many of our homes run dementia support groups for relatives. They also hold these for people from outside their homes, supporting people in the community with understanding dementia.

Helping our residents to feel connected

Sanctuary Care’s homes have close links with local schools and nurseries, bridging generational gaps with our dementia care. These make the homes thriving places, where our residents feel connected to their local communities. Our staff have even supported young people to become Dementia Friends.

By really understanding our residents, their care teams can provide homes where they can live in the moment and feel safe.

People living with dementia can often experience changes in their appetite and eating habits. With this in mind, the catering teams in our dementia care homes prepare wonderful home-cooked cuisine which smells and looks delicious. They take pride in ensuring every meal is designed to stimulate the senses. 

At Sanctuary Care we make sure our residents’ bedrooms are personal, special places for them. Beside their doors, you will see memory boxes filled with personal keepsakes, whether a precious photograph or cherished newspaper cutting.

Dementia Action Week

Every year during Dementia Action Week we put the spotlight on our wonderful residents and dedicated care staff to showcase how we are continuously enriching resident's lives through the dementia care we offer.

Whether it's highlighting the wonderful activities across our care homes, through to events or nostalgic trips down memory lane, read more about how we support our residents with dementia care.

Read more about Dementia Action Week 2019

Find Dementia Care services near you

We offer dementia care services in locations throughout England and Scotland.

Use our Find a care home search to locate dementia care services near you. Alternatively, contact us and we can assist you in finding a suitable home in your area.



New residents can either self-isolate in their own home before coming to the care home, or join us and then self-isolate*.

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Update from Sarah Clarke-Kuehn (Adult Social Care Winter Plan) – Group Director Sanctuary Care 21 September 2020

Update from Sarah Clarke-Kuehn (Visiting) – Group Director Sanctuary Care 14 September 2020

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