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kradle - an innovative care planning app

For Sanctuary Care paper care plans are old-hat. We have created an in-house app called ‘kradle’ in partnership with Sanctuary Group’s IT team. Our dedicated project team, many of whom have worked in our care homes, have used their expert knowledge to ensure that kradle does everything we need it to, ensuring we continue to provide the very best care for our residents.

The benefits of the kradle care planning app are endless

The beauty of this bespoke care app is that instead of having to update paper care plans, staff can update them electronically on iPhones loaded with the kradle app. Our carers can immediately update residents’ care plans with accurate and secure information at the point of care, giving them even more time to spend with the residents.

Another huge benefit of kradle is that it is constantly evolving. As it is rolled out across our homes, we can continually update and improve the care planning app following feedback from staff who have the very best knowledge as to what is working and what needs to improve.

Delivering truly person-centred care

Whether updating a resident’s medical information or someone would like to know what the choices are for dinner that day, with our kradle app, our staff have everything they need at their fingertips, giving everyone peace of mind.

Sanctuary Care Programme Manager Jemma Robinson said: “kradle is also great for recording those personal details that make us able to deliver truly person-centred care. An example is if someone loves a particular meal because it reminds them of their mother’s cooking, or if they always like a drink on their bedside before they go to sleep.”

One of the most exciting things about kradle is that we can use this care planning app as a platform on which to build in new features, or we can add different information systems to it, so everything is in one place.

kradle is now being rolled out across our care homes. Before each care home ‘goes live’, staff receive dedicated training, plus on-going support from specialists within the care home.

To find out more about the impact kradle has on Sanctuary Care's staff and residents, watch our video below.


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