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Today's is Aashna House Residential Care Home in ✨ 🍛 Asian lifestyle home and cuisine ✔️ Safe admissions process 🌷Beautiful gardens 🚽 En-suite bedrooms For more on our care options call 0800 917 0478 📞 or visit https://t.co/hFsUKDKMSL https://t.co/BEL8exwa9a
When sole carer, Chris was forced to self-isolate, Bartley Green Lodge Residential Care Home in were there to support with much needed respite care - giving Chris peace of mind that his mum was safe and not alone 💓 ➡️To read more visit: https://t.co/DCzJf5j31E https://t.co/fMBTMKfXgu
Masline Chitura jumped at the chance to have her . She explains: " save lives" 💉 Masline is passionate about the duty of care she holds to our residents and that was at the heart of her decision ❤️ Read her story: https://t.co/EqcTTaXwoq https://t.co/BOQfOGYb2R
Our Enquiry Support Team are - from first steps when looking for care for a loved one to our safe admissions process, we are here to support and advise 🏠💬 To find out more visit https://t.co/BucZuXwKAo or call our friendly team on 0800 917 0478 📞 https://t.co/yXA6l9xgJ2
Today's are from one of our amazing Home Managers Ann 💉 She explains exactly why she has had the alongside her team - and it's all to do with the hope it provides her residents and their relatives ❤️ Together we are https://t.co/ehqYmo8pyN
💖 Some reassuring words from Aileen, one of our lovely residents who has lived at Hatfield Residential and Nursing Home in throughout the pandemic 🏠 To find out more about our safe admissions process visit https://t.co/q7ajhjZsz0 or call 0800 917 0478 📞 https://t.co/1tbOjP0IdB
Meet Katie, our Home Manager at Bridge View House in Dundee, who is proud to have had the Covid vaccine. 💉 🗣️ “It wasn’t a difficult decision for me to make - I couldn’t wait to have it.” 😊 Read more ➡️ https://t.co/Gb0vev8bB5 https://t.co/X5e94AAoqY
The facts on loneliness in later life are surprisingly sad and only heightened by the pandemic. 💔 Find out more on how we are supporting families to combat loneliness with respite care by visiting https://t.co/IjzaBR6Bxu or call 0800 917 0478 📞🏠 https://t.co/wYvd7o7CDc
RT : A light at the end of the tunnel 💡 We are so pleased that more than 1,400 colleagues from across our… https://t.co/AAtdTjlU1y
Respite care became a lifeline for carers Margaret and Martyn during the first lockdown - with father Keith receiving the very best of care and allowing them a much needed carer's break too 💖 ➡️ Read their story here: https://t.co/pG1BN39UNE https://t.co/swThobBNGy
💉Our experienced registered nurse Sallyn shares exactly why she decided to have the Covid-19 vaccination – and it goes beyond protecting herself. It's so she can continue to enrich lives safely and give peace of mind to loved ones 👏👏 https://t.co/E5VmEPZQEf
What a wonderful way to start the week! Our today is this heart-warming review on  for Dovecote Residential and Nursing Home in 💖 ➡️For more on our care options at Dovecote, call 0800 917 0478 or visit: https://t.co/m0FjZJo6IW https://t.co/XBA4IwKbQ0

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