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Paying for care

We understand that if you have just started to look at care for yourself or a loved one, trying to understand care home fees and funding options can be confusing and sometimes quite daunting. To make things easier, we have put together the following information and our helpful 'Paying for Care' guide (PDF 462KB) to provide a clearer picture of how care home fees and funding works.

However, if you need any further support, please don’t hesitate to speak to our Enquiry Support Team. We are here to help you navigate through any funding questions and provide peace of mind. Please call 0800 917 0478, email care.hub@sanctuary-housing.co.uk or join us online using the Live Chat button.

If you are a Local Authority funded resident, you will be provided with a contract by your commissioning authority before moving into a care home. This contract outlines all of the relevant legal requirements, financial responsibilities and other care-related points in relation to you and your local authority. In most instances, where a commissioner’s contract is in place between a resident and a local authority, the contents of the contract will supersede (or replace) the Sanctuary Care contract that each resident signs with us.

Self-funding residents, who pay for their own care, sign only the Sanctuary Care contract, so everything is in one document.

All of the below information applies to both local authority funded and self-funded residents unless otherwise stated.

What are Pre-Assessments?

Prior to moving into a home, a needs and financial assessment will be undertaken to ensure that the care services we provide are appropriate and affordable for you. A member of the care home team will come to your home, hospital or another place if you prefer. They will talk to you and your loved ones to better understand your physical and emotional needs.

What are the Care Home Fees and Costs?

Weekly fees are based on a person’s accommodation costs plus their individual care costs.

Accommodation costs refer to the bedrooms used within each care home and their special features and benefits, for example, if they are en-suite or have patio doors leading to the gardens etc. All bedrooms are banded according to these features.

Care costs are based on a person’s assessed needs with different fees being assigned depending on the amount of care and support they require.

For residents without capacity, legal representatives should be in place to take care of contractual and financial responsibilities. Evidence of this legal status, such as Power of Attorney, Deputyship or Guardianship, is required.

How is Care Funded?

You are entitled to a means assessment and, if eligible, may be able to apply for financial support from your commissioning authority.

We ask that a minimum of one year of funding be available at the time of moving into the care home and evidence of this, as well as a ‘Financial Assessment Form’, will be required prior to you moving in.

We ask that we are advised at least six months in advance of any anticipated changes to your funding situation. You are obliged to notify us before your assets reach the financial threshold (the threshold that would require you to have a financial assessment by your commissioning authority).

You can reserve a specific bedroom before you moving in; a fee and a separate agreement to the main move-in contract can be signed if you wish to do this.

12 Week Property Disregard

12-week ‘Property Disregards’ may be available if a resident’s local authority has assessed their financial position and decided to disregard the value of their property for the first 12 weeks of care placement. Commissioning placement authorities will provide residents and their families with specific details prior to any agreement.

Equity release

This is a financial plan which gives people wishing to release money from their home the opportunity to ‘sell-off’ part of their estate, in return for a sum of money. It is very important that if you choose to do this, that you seek independent financial advice before making any decisions.

Included in your Care Home Fee

Both accommodation and care costs are included in your fee, including the following:

  • accommodation in a single bedroom - or double, if arranged - with en-suite facilities, where available
  • a personalised care plan
  • residential care and/or nursing services, in accordance with your care plan
  • food and non-alcoholic drinks and beverages
  • room cleaning and laundry services
  • utilities, including Council Tax and water rates, where applicable
  • wi-fi access in communal areas

Care Home Trial Period

If you are a self-funded resident, the first 28 days of living in the home are a trial period. During this time, the agreement may be ended by providing seven days written notice.

NHS Funded Nursing Care (FNC)

FNC is a fixed weekly contribution made directly to the care provider by the NHS to fund the cost of nursing care delivered by registered nurses. Eligibility for FNC is assessed through an NHS assessment in the care home and is not means-tested.

Respite Care Stays

Respite care stays are for people who would like a short-term break in a care home, ranging from just a few days to six weeks. A needs assessment will be carried out to ensure that the care services we provide meet your needs. Respite care charges are payable in advance. A deposit of 25% of the full stay is required at the point of booking, the remaining balance is required a minimum of seven days before the day the stay begins.

We hope the above information helps to answer some of your questions, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Enquiry Support Team if you’d like further advice. We are here to help.

We hope the above information helps to answer some of your questions, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’d like further advice. We are here to help. 

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