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Enriching Lives as a Not for Profit

Sanctuary Care is part of Sanctuary Group, a not-for-profit housing and care provider.

As a registered, exempt charity, the profit the group makes is reinvested back into the business, rather than going to shareholders – this is really important to us within Sanctuary Care and underpins our commitment to enriching the lives of our residents, their families and our staff.

Any surplus income the group makes is used to continually improve its existing housing, as well as build more housing. It is also used to improve the services it provides, as well as being invested in the communities in which it has housing and services, to improve its residents’ experiences of living in their homes.  We are really proud to be part of a business that gives back to its local communities.

The group owns and manages more than 100,000 homes through England and Scotland, a large number of which have an element of support alongside the accommodation. It also provides housing for older people to rent and buy through shared ownership.

And we employ 13,000 people across the group and around 6,300 of those people are our brilliant teams within Sanctuary Care’s homes. Being part of a wider group has so many benefits, one of which is financial security and stability. Another fantastic benefit has been Sanctuary Group’s investment into kradle, our bespoke care planning app. The app is being rolled out across all of Sanctuary Care’s homes and replaces paper-based care plans. This app means that care plans are updated electronically on handheld devices at the point of care, freeing up staff to spend even more time with their residents, rather than going back to an office to do paperwork. Our commitment to technology and having the backing of our large group all fits together with our ethos of enriching lives of those around us, and we are very excited about the future we are working towards.


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